1. Pleasant Square was located at the intersections of Highland Avenue, Croton Avenue, Main Street and Broadway. It would be called Hubbell’s Corner in the mid 20th century. Emigrant Bank anchors the intersection at the north end, the old Bank for Savings at the south.

2. Sparta Cemetery is located on land once owned by Arnold Hunt, a tenant farmer in Philipsburg Manor. (He is buried in the cemetery.) The cemetery was originally for the Presbyterian Church in Mount Pleasant, built in 1768 next to the burial ground. Today the First Presbyterian Church of Ossining sits at the corner of South Highland Ave. and Maple Place.

3. The first synagogue in Ossining was built in 1923 at 18 Waller Ave by the Congregation Sons of Israel. In 1959 the congregation purchased land in Briarcliff and built a new synagogue on Pleasantville Rd. Today, the Waller Avenue building is home to the Portuguese Club of Ossining.

4. In the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood, Lady Marianne’s horse was named Golden Cloud. Roy Rogers later bought the horse and renamed it Trigger.

5. Longtime Ossining resident and OHSM member Albert P. Schatz worked on the film’s production staff in California before moving to New York and becoming a real estate broker. Always a “snappy dresser,” according to his son, Shatz also worked in the wardrobe departments of Gone with the Wind, Gunga Din, Stagecoach and Wuthering Heights. Extra credit if you got this one right!

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